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I've used projections for many productions for years now but in 2020, I starting working with After Effects to create my own digital art. My first animation was of Winnie the Pooh which never was seen due to Covid. Below are animations for Cinderella, The Addams Family Musical, Moana Jr., and Junie B. Jones productions.

Opening projection for the production of Cinderella. The swirl animation began the show followed by the book animation below.

Prologue story book was created for the production of Cinderella. The final picture in the story book was the opening background of the town square scene.

Projections were used as the main backdrop for the production of The Addam's Family Musical. 


Animation of our actor playing the role of Fester Addams flying to the moon.


Central Park Scene of The Addams Family Musical


Interior Rooms of The Addams Family Musical


Opening prologue of the production Moana Jr.

Junie B. Jones production

Junie B. Jones production. Abominable snowman sketch.

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