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special projects


Tree was created for the production of Alabama Story. The books used for the construction were removed books from our local library.

Our 16' tall marque sign was build for the production of 42nd street. With over 300 lights, the sign was wired to give an effect of starting with a few lights and finishing the show with a full lit sign.


Our 7' tall and chandler was build completely from scratch. The frame was curved metal welded together, sculpted wired sconces, and clay sculpted theatrical detail. Each strand of bead was applied by hand. The chandelier was inspired by the Phantom of the Opera Chandlier and was used for the production of Cinderella and our yearly fundraiser.

Welding Project of repurposing a retired awning sign. 


Magic mirror costume from the production of Snow White and the Prince. The costume was made flexible for movement and dance.

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